May 26, 2017

As per my previous post, this is starting again.

I’m doing fairly well since my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  Financial set backs have made it harder to buy all the fruits and vegetables I’d like, but there is enough on hand for me to get by.

For today, I am happy.  I am with the man I love, and he supports all I do.  He loves me despite the fact that I am the biggest I have ever been and in the worst condition I have ever been.  He calls me beautiful everyday, despite the fact that my size and condition of my body has left me with skin problems, excess facial hair, and of  course, extreme weight gain.  He is truly my rock.

I’m hoping his support never waivers, and I don’t think it will.  It means the world to me that he chose to ask me to marry him even when I am like this.  The fact that I didn’t have to get skinny to find true love is what makes me believe I can lose the weight in the first place- like even fat girls deserve to get what they want.


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